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Leadership Training Class

A leader’s most important responsibility is to develop the professional skills and capabilities of his or her people. However, many leaders desire to be developed leadershipthemselves and don’t fully understand how to consistently grow the abilities and
performance of their employees. The Leadership Development course gives participants
the essential skills they will need to consistently achieve results for your business both personally and through their teams.


Key leadership training topics include items such as



   Leadership versus Management,

   Employee Development


   Effective Delegation

   Dealing with Conflict

   Engaging and Empowering employees


The class starts with the attendees taking a self-assessment to identify their strengths and weaknesses as leaders. We then build the leaders’ capabilities not only by covering material but also leading exercises designed to give the leaders experience with key concepts and concrete ideas they can take back to the workplace. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the course, CCCG will work with your leadership team to customize the training materials to ensure key focus areas for your business are covered.