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Culture of Service Program


Over the past 10 years, customers in almost every industry segment have begun to expect better service and use the quality of care they receive as a major decision factor as to who they will select to meet their product or service needs in the future.

In many cases, the product or service has become a commodity with the only differentiator being the level of customer service provided during each touch point with an organization.  During our training programs, we often ask the participants to name companies that are known for outstanding service.  It is very rare that the group is able to come up with more than one company from any particular industry.  This supports our belief that it is very difficult to consistently deliver world class service.  If it was easy there would be multiple companies coming to mind.

Reaching that pinnacle of service within a given industry requires more than an occasional training program, but involves creating a “culture of service” where customer service is a priority for every employee from the top leadership to the front line employee.  As indicated by the “Customer Feedback Loop” illustration below, becoming world class at customer service is a continuous process.


To create “A Culture of Service,” we recommend the following phases:

  1. Service Assessment
  2. Service Solution Design
  3. Training Program Development
  4. Culture Creation
  5. Kickoff and “Customer of Service” Training
  6. Service Concept Reinforcement
  7. Monthly Onboarding Support