National Healthcare Provider

The Challenge

This national healthcare provider was looking for a partner to guide their effort to raise the bar on patient care and employee engagement.


Our Solution

We were retained initially to give a keynote address at a national leadership conference. This then led to a number of multi-year projects included the following:

  • Employee Engagement Survey: Customized our employee engagement survey and conducted an annual employee survey for 8,000+ employees for three consecutive years. Analyzed the data, prepared a set of reports, and led the leadership team through an action planning process. This became a major source of data in the company’s annual planning process.
  • Patient Care Enhancement: We led a team that visited a cross section of clinics and then developed a plan to raise the level of patient care and customer service.
  • Call Center Consulting: We were engaged to review the operations of a major call center and provide concrete improvement ideas. We also designed and delivered a customer service training program for all call center leadership and call agents.
  • Call Center Consolidation: We lead the effort to consolidate multiple regional call centers to two national call centers. This included defining the requirements for the new phone system, assisting the development of call routing and queue management protocols and training all employees on customer service excellence.
  • Executive Coaching: We were selected to coach several leadership team members. Utilizing our executive coaching model, we obtained 360-degree feedback, developed a customized coaching plan, and then met regularly with each leader being coached.

The Result

The organization successfully consolidated operations resulting in significant cost savings and consistency in the delivery of several of their core services. The employee survey and the resulting actions taken as a result of the planning process led to many process enhancements and an improvement in the relationship between the leadership team and the rest of the associates. The executive coaching produced significant results for each leader being coached.