Roadside Assistance Company

The Challenge

This company was looking for a tool and process to track the activity by a team of in house sales associates. The activity was being managed through the use of a series of Excel worksheets, which were disconnected making it difficult to coordinate outbound call activity within the team. It was also very challenging to track and measure the success of the individual team members and the business unit as a whole.


Our Solution was selected as the tool due to the ability to customize the system and create workflow processes that could manage the entire outbound sales effort. We met with the subject matter experts and documented the business requirements that were then used to build a custom system in Salesforce. For the first time, the company leadership was able to monitor the success of the sales effort in a real time, allowing for timely coaching of employees.


The Result

The system was built, the users trained, and the team started receiving their leads and daily direction from the new tool. The end result was a much more efficient and coordinated sales effort. For the first time, the company leadership was able to monitor the success of the sales effort in a real time, allowing for timely coaching of employees. After the system had been in use for six months, the resulting data was then used to analyze the effectiveness of a variety of sales program and make pricing and program changes to respond to the needs of their customers.


Additional Engagements
The success of the initial project led to several additional initiatives, including the following:

  • Call Center Relocation: After working with the 100+ agents and leadership team responsible for handling the large volume of calls in a 24/7 call center, the decision was made to relocate the call center to another state where the corporate headquarters existed. We managed the entire year long project that involved the following responsibilities:
    • Created a master project plan and then managed the entire project, coordinating the efforts of 20+ team members representing multiple disciplines.
    • Met with the existing staff to communicate the relocation plans and their options in the new organization.
    • Designed the new phone system, including call queues and flow.
    • Created an overall communication plan to guide a large number of high profile client companies through the relocation effort.
    • Managed the relocation / hiring of agents in a multi-phase transition of a live call center from the current location to a brand new facility.
    • Worked with Information Technology and Telecom team members to ensure the 100+ phone numbers were transferred without the loss of single customer call.
    • The end result of the project was very successful call center relocation without an interruption to the business or the loss of a single customer
  • Management of a Strategic New Business Initiative: The nature of the customer demands was changing and the company needed to introduce a series of new products to allow the company to stay ahead of the competitors and provide new sources of revenue. We were engaged to manage the project. The project was completed on time and met the objectives of the senior leadership team.
  • Leadership Coaching: We were engaged to provide leadership coaching to a group of managers and senior leaders. Utilizing a proven leadership program, each member being coached achieved the desired results and progressed in their careers.