Building Manufacturer

This client is a national building manufacturer with offices throughout the United States.


Company leadership was concerned that their organization was not focused properly on serving the customer. Creating an improved service environment became the number one initiative of senior management.



CCCG was hired to educate the entire company on the importance of service, communication and collaboration. Both internal and external service teams were given focus for creating a “culture of service.” Client team members were interviewed, work processes reviewed, and we listened to recordings of actual customer calls. This information was used to customize the program to address their specific needs.

The executive team participated in a session designed specifically for leadership to ensure that they understood and bought into the concepts being taught in the program.

We utilized our industry leading Culture of Service training methods and program to give employees the tools and methods for improving their individual levels of service. Teams were trained across the country and given access to reinforcement for continual improvement.


The Results

Senior management became so excited with the results that they committed to move beyond the initial phase and into a company-wide commitment to the training of several thousand employees. Management is now committed to a continual process of customer service improvement for all new employees.